Top Five Marketing Strategies For Your Mobile App

mobileWhether you have developed a unique mobile app that will draw revenues thanks to ads and in-app purchases or have created a free mobile app to promote your brand or products, you need a solid mobile strategy to get people to download and use your app. If you are ready to release your mobile app, take a look at these five efficient marketing strategies to get Smartphone users to download your app.

Draw attention to your mobile app through your existing marketing channels. You might have a blog, an email distribution list or a Facebook page for your brand. Use these channels to let people know about your app and give them a reason to download it, for instance by mentioning the app’s features or by offering an exclusive promotional offer to people who download your app. If the purpose of your app is not to promote an existing brand or product, let people know about it by listing it on app directories and by talking about it in message boards.

Ask yourself who would be interested in your app and find a way to reach out to this group of Smartphone users. A good app should address a specific issue and offer a relevant solution. Ask yourself who could benefit from using your app and who is likely to look up solutions to the problem your app solves. You might have to educate your audience about this problem and solution since they might not be aware of it. Finding relevant marketing strategies will be easier once you have defined your target audience and done some research to get a better idea of how these Smartphone users look for new apps.

Make your app valuable and desirable. More people will download your app if they feel they will get something valuable out of it. You could for instance offer a discount on one of your products to shoppers who download your app or use your app to provide users with exclusive information on a product or event. Offer something people would not be able to get unless they download your app to generate some excitement and make your app valuable to Smartphone users.

List your app in the Google App Store and in iTunes. Take the time to write a good description that goes over the main features of your app. Upload some screenshots of your app, choose relevant keywords to describe your app and more importantly, choose a good name for your app. More people will find these listings if you optimize them with strong keywords and you will get more downloads if your listings make your app look interesting, easy to use and valuable.

Social media is an amazing way to market a mobile app. Smartphone users spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms and are likely to have friends who would also be interested in your app. Create a Facebook page and an official Twitter account for your app if you do not already have official accounts for your brand and consider adding social features to your app. You could for instance give users the possibility to share what they do on your app on social media to give your app more exposure.

These five marketing strategies will draw attention to your app and help you get more downloads. Keep in mind that the best strategies depend on the audience you want to target and the type of app you are marketing.